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Monday, 24 August 2009

Temple Tree Resort Langkawi-Malaysia

Temple Tree is a sister resort of One of the best 101 Resorts in the World (BonTon),WOW that sounds interesting! So let us try it.

after being there, I second that Temple Tree (located in Langkawi Island - Malaysia ) is really a phenomenal place because many factors

1) How Kozy it is?
I never felt that I'm at a resort, I just felt home. A very warm welcome from Eddy and the cats there made me feel like home from the first five minutes and for sure our welcome drink

2) Personalized
After the warm welcome, we received our personalized Welcome letter with the facilities and Option that Temple Tree would give us. like Camera Tripod, IPOD, IPOD Speakers, Books, binoculars , and home made birds book.
Yes, all the above is for FREE , yes they are, it is a facility that Temple Tree Family would like to share it with us.
one of the very interesting phrases I read in my personalized Temple Tree welcome that Temple Tree is a living Museum ...... hm Why is that ? ah I will tell you later!

3) Very Clean rooms/Suites/Villas !
Rooms are very clean , I have been lucky enough to try Colonal House and Penang House and there is an interesting story beyond my trials to those two rooms/eras. Simply my flight was 10Pm and I reported to Temple Tree management that I will leave early and since they knew when is my flight they gave me a room for the rest of the day (although checkout time is 12noon) for FREE. That is kinda of strange in hotel/tourism attitude usually all hotels/resorts rip you off for an hour, but this is not the case for Temple Tree, they made feel like wow that is super , they really wanted to enjoy my stay and come again which definitely will happen again.

Again Room Cleanses, although the rooms are 110 years old, but they are completely re-innovated to our comfort as much as leisure, never lost it's authentic sense.

4) Cut of the revenue is used to finance Animals Shelter in Langkawi

That is one of the other things that I loved about this place. part of the revenue is given back to the community through the Animals shelter there, that gave me a very nice opportunity to walk the dogs and feed the cats.

5) Very good Food
Food can't be better, the way they serve it and the delight they cook it with was extra ordinary

6) Scene
from Temple Tree as much as Langkawi you can enjoy unforgetable scenes and landscapes that you would love not to leave

7) it is SAFE place!!!
when I'm traveling or at hotel, I'm very concerned about my stuff (Money,Passport,...) at Templte Tree , I left the room safe opened and nothing was touched, I admit I forgot it , but that was due to how safe it is , so I never cared about the safe and actually there I don't need a safe

I rate my overall experience with Temple Tree as one of it's kind , and I want to thank all of them for the very pleasant time I spent there.

I see Temple Tree and it's management as a group of dedicated people to your joy in staying there, which makes Temple Tree not a resort or a place you sleep/stay in, it is Living Place, Living Museum

I loved Temple Tree Resort and I miss it by now
I love to share with all of you my memories and photos there

Temple Tree Website is h3r3

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