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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tuna El Gabal - Menia

Tuna El-Gabal is a village and archeological site near the city of Mallawi, in the governorate of Menia, in Upper Egypt.
It was the necropolis of Khmun (or Hermopolis Magna) for several centuries, from the Middle Kingdom till the Greco-Roman Period.

there are tombs that we made for human, which arranges in streets and alleys, there is a huge catacombs that is extended to around four Kilometer underground which contains originally at one time thousands of mummified baboons, and literally millions of ibises and ibis eggs, which are the incarnations of God ThotWho-God of Wisdom-.

Entrace of the Catacombs
Where the sacrifices were made to the incarnation of ThotWho
Where they kept the mummified baboons, and ibises

GPS Coordinates : 27°44′18″N 30°42′16″E

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